New consultant at T.E.A. – Mr. Hartmut Bollinger

T.E.A. is moving forward and extends his competence with further food professionals. We heartily welcome Mr. Hartmut Bollinger, who joined our T.E.A. team. Hartmut Bollinger is an expert in management issues and in optimization of organizational structures , but also the dedicated partner for sales strategies and launches of new products into the markets. With […]


Hartmut Bollinger – Bakery Consultant

Support of management, organizational issues and sales strategies  Apprenticeship as confectioner  Master craftsman as confectioner  Bakery technologist  Graduated engineer/food technologist  3 years production manager and buildup of a bakery factory in Africa  5 years R&D Manager in a large food supplier company for confectionary  20 years Managing Director in different food and commodity supplier companies […]