TEA provides food experts

that are not only flexible and reliable – but also work absolutely indepentent from suppliers and competitors. We offer you a great service, solely project and custumor-centered. Export consultants and a pool of highly trained executives work with your company!

TEA – Temporary available food experts aid: qualified, reliable, flexible and indepentent food experts.

Paul Konstantinidis and Carl Christian Müller offer a tremendous amount and range of experience in the field of food production and food production technologies. In their everyday business they have encountered a high appreciation of German food production technologies throughout the world.

This food production-knowledge is very sought after – many companies are interested in new technologies, gaining new insights and implementing new concepts in their businesses. However, putting the theory and the difficulties involved into practice is often a challenge: not only are well-trained food production experts or engineers very hard to come by but also the ones that are around have rarely enough know-how and proficiency to produce food based on the standards of German technology.

German know-how for your company! Best costumers solutions for the meat and butcher industry.

Customers frequently tend to work with the relevant food suppliers’ staff, though this method offers only a partial solution: these employees might be very much acquainted with their own special product – but often fail to have the necessary comprehensive knowledge. They may also have bias in pushing their own product.
Additionally the availability of a supplier’s food production experts of a supplier may be very limited and it may simply depend on an already existing long-time relationship.  Alternatively, only a contractual relationship may guarantee the appropriate back up. Once a company gets hold of a food production expert time tends to be precious – the experts typically have very tight schedules and limited availability. This can result in projects not being completed or in customers being on their own in with closing ambitious venture.

Our food experts are temporarily available and work absolutely indepentent from all food suppliers.

Another important matter is confidentiality. It is logical for a business owner to be hesitant to involve external parties. Unfortunately, this fear is only reinforced by numerous cases in the food production industry, in which confidential information had been leaked to competitors.

TEA guarantees absolute confidentiality, our top priority is full customer satisfaction!

Based on these insights and requests from numerous customers across the globe, Paul Konstantinidis and Carl Christian Mueller decided to offer a specialist service that provides complete independence and highest expertise in food production with these key values:

  • Independence from all suppliers and competitors
  • Highly skilled food production engineers
  • Long standing know-how and expertise in the food industry
  • Temporary, absolutely reliable and trustworthy service

Confidentiality and reliability are just as essential to this service as professionalism and technological know-how. Our top-priority is customer satisfaction – we guarantee absolute independence.

TEA provides adives in many areas of export. Tap into new markets and explore your options.

In addition, TEA offers an extensive export advisory service for all companies interested in exporting to new markets.  TEA is embedded in Hamburg’s reputable human resources advisory service TOPOS and is therefore able to provide and place employees and executives in different international positions.