How is the project process at T.E.A.

Of course, to know how the project process will be, if you want to cooperate with T.E.A., is an essential part of information.
Also in that case, T.E.A. has a very clear and easy done project structure.
Process will be as follows:

  1. Deep brief of T.E.A. by clients. Defining the aim of consultancy and the desired targets.
  2. T.E.A. sends a project plan with the aim and its defined targets, a time frame, schedule and an estimation of the anticipated costs, to be approved by the clients.
  3. After approval, T.E.A. will hand out contact details of the technologist.
  4. Technologist will get in touch with the client to discuss further details.
  5. Visit of the technologist at the customer’s premises and realization of the project.
  6. After visit fully documented report with recipes, suggestions, training plan and recommendation handed over to the client

T.E.A. is trying to keep the entire project transparent and easy. It is the target to keep the customer satisfied, because his success is also the success of T.E.A.
For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward, coming in touch with you.


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